House, Trade and End of Lease Cleaning Services In Adelaide

Adelaide, referred to as the ‘city of churches’ is a prospering area surrounded by beautiful infrastructure and plenty of business potential. In saying this when it comes to cleaning services only the best will do.

Cleaning Corp provides this top-notch service for all areas of Adelaide and is happy to do whatever is required to get the job done right for your requirements. From Glenelg to Highbury, Port Adelaide to Greenhill we have all locations covered for your convenience. Our team will arrive in the allocated time slots for convenience of your day and any time restrictions you may have.

As housing is becoming increasingly more modern in the major areas of Adelaide it is imperative that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Those silver fridges and range hoods wont clean themselves! Our Cleaning services in Adelaide range from a number of different options when it comes to your desired clean.

 Our Most Popular Cleaning Services in Adelaide:

Trade Cleaning

Continual construction and building is very common in today’s developing world, Adelaide’s CBD has already implemented many expansions to existing buildings, such as the expansion of the Adelaide Convention Centre and has also planned the construction of the New Royal Adelaide Hospital. Adelaide is prime for making our modern world even more modern with these new establishments. However, with construction comes a hefty amount of wastage and unneeded debris. Need Trade Cleaning? You’ve come to the right place.

Because construction projects are on narrow time frames and the pressure is constantly urging the job to be completed in a timely fashion, waste and debris often gets forgotten or ignored. Once factors such as these begin to accumulate, the workplace can become increasingly dangerous as they provide hazards for builders and other people.

Why expose your workers to such potential dangers? Call Cleaning Corp to ensure that debris is cleaned away without your workers needing to take extra time out of their busy workday to manage it. Our Trade Cleaning Services in Adelaide allows for this to happen quickly and easily.

Once the building has been erected or parts of the establishment begin to reach completion there is often the used materials such as tape, tarps and nails left over, the accumulation of dust from the construction works can be left in air vents or on exposed walls, footprints may be left from workers moving in and out of the designated space and windows may be graffitied with fingerprints or still have the protective plastic cover on them. Cleaning Corp boasts such services to ensure your finished project is spotless, presentable and safe for others to utilise. This allows the building to look even more immaculate!

Office Cleaning

Is it the end of the hard working week already? Your office is a mess right? Office cleaning Adelaide was designed for this exact reason. Contract us to clean your office every Friday evening. Having an office close to a Glenelg beach will always incur that hidden grainy substance we know as sand and eventually eat away at your floors. An office clean is an easy and trustworthy service readily available to you and your workplace.

Domestic Cleaning

With Cleaning Corp’s domestic cleaning services you can avoid that dirty toilet or that greasy kitchen stove. Ensuring your house is tidy and spotless not only prevents harmful bacteria from growing, but it also creates a much more inviting and welcoming home that you and your family can feel comfortable and proud in. Our domestic cleaning services will allow your home to be in immaculate condition with all of the hard work taken care of!

With the abundance of botanical parks, national parks and sporting stadiums, Adelaide boasts opportunities to enjoy life and spend valuable time where you need it most, so don’t let a messy house confine you within its walls. Cleaning is a laborious, time consuming and often bland job, so why force yourself to do it when the professionals are just a phone call away? Allow Cleaning Corp to take the burden off of you to allow you to continue doing the things you love.

Bond Cleaning

Like any major Australian city, Adelaide being the 5th biggest, rental properties are extremely popular. The increasingly higher demand for rental properties also means that tenants are encouraged to keep the place neat and tidy if they want to recover their bond once they decide to move on. The issue with this is that people live busy lives and cleaning is not always the number one priority when there are hungry mouths to feed. What is the solution to this you may ask? Cleaning Corp cleaners! Allow us to spruce up your rental home to ensure that your landlord is satisfied and happy to return your bond.

Messy kids? No problem.

Enjoy having guests over but stress over the mess left behind? Cleaning Corp has you covered!

Want to rest assured the professional cleaners will help glorify your rental housing to please your landlord? Call us for a quote today!

Our bond back cleaning services are the perfect way to ensure you are getting back that amount you invested to your landlord and to show that you are a trustworthy rental client. With Cleaning Corp you can ensure that when you end your rental contract with your landlord, they will be happy to receive a spotless and ‘like new’ house and make transitioning to your new home even easier. Moving house is already stressful enough without the extra cleaning duties, so let us do the hard work for you and help you get that bond back in no time!

Don’t delve deeper into your wallet to pay other companies for a poor job! Avoid the extra costs and hire Cleaning Corp today to have peace of mind that the job will be done to the highest standard.

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