Professional Auto Dealership Cleaning Services in Australia

At Cleaning Corp, we understand that the auto dealership and cleaning industries share a few things in common. Both industries care about creating a great first impression, as that is usually the key to attracting and keeping customers. We make sure our clients experience a great first impression by putting professionalism, respect and quality at the forefront of our business standards.

At Cleaning Corp, we take pride in the work we do. We ensure that all of our cleaning crew are trained professionals. Our team has extensive experience in cleaning auto dealerships, including hands-on experience in cleaning car showrooms, waiting rooms, service areas and all types of floors.

Cleaning Services for Auto Dealerships

We can help you achieve the best first impression possible. Our entire Cleaning Corp team will support your business’ mission and provide cleaning services that are customised to suit your needs.

Our cleaning services include the following:

  • General cleaning- we will clean all parts and service areas, as well as your lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Showroom floor detailing
  • Display windows cleaned streak free
  • Maintenance of hardwood floors
  • Meticulous scrubbing of body shop. Service bays and drop-off floors
  • Disinfection of all office space surfaces and general cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing suited to fit the specific needs of your carpets
  • Disinfecting, cleaning and resupplying of all lavatories
  • Cleaning of upholstery
  • Dusting off of display racks
  • Removal of hazardous chemicals
  • Parking lot power washing and sweeping
  • Clean up after special events
  • Recycling of all eligible materials

Floor Cleaning for Auto Showrooms

Car showrooms play a critical role in how your business is able to operate. We make certain that every aspect of these showrooms is meticulously cleaned. We don’t just get rid of the dirt; we also enhance the way your showroom appears and safeguard its longevity through proper maintenance.
Here is what we do to ensure that your floor is cared for:

  • We customise the cleaning process to your particular type of floor.
  • We clean with a frequency that is ideal for your floor’s rate of traffic
  • We ensure that all tools used on your floors are of the highest quality and are up to date.
  • We only use chemicals that are designed specifically for the type of floor we are cleaning.
  • We always ensure enough time is allotted for each aspect of the cleaning process

We Care about the Details

We take great pride in dealing with the details of cleaning. When you partner with us for cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that we are attending to every detail. This includes:

  • Dusting all flat surfaces
  • Removing all cobwebs
  • Wiping down surfaces that are touched often, such as switches, door handles and phones
  • Wiping down all counters, appliances and cabinets

We understand that emergencies happen sometimes, and we are ready to respond. Contact for all your emergency cleaning needs, and we will respond right away.

To every job we work on, we bring years of expertise and unrivaled professionalism. We maintain the very highest standards of cleanliness and safety in all we do. Our team is prepared to help you achieve your business mission.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Our worksite is always a mess and Cleaning Corp have assisted in an ongoing service that is safer for us and our customers to navigate the site. Big thanks to the team for being prompt and reliable."

− Tony - Great Terrain Services

"We have offices in each major city across Australia and use Cleaning Corp for all of them every Friday evening. Always coming back to a fresh and clean workspace for the start of the working week."

− Jane Doe

Examples Of Our Work

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