House, Trade and End of Lease Cleaning Services In Cairns

Coastal Cairns is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Australia. When you have such a beautiful city to enjoy, why would you want to spend all your free time cleaning? You can just let the professionals at Cleaning Corp do it for you. We’ll take the worry and effort right out of keeping a spotless home or office.

We can handle any kind of interior cleaning job, be it house cleaning, trade cleaning or office cleaning. We will do a thorough and professional job that will be sure to put a smile on your face. No other cleaning company in the area can deliver such expert cleaning services.

Our full range of cleaning services ensures that we can meet all your cleaning needs. We can help you tidy up before a big event, improve the look of your home or office with scheduled cleanings or clean up for you after a party. Leave the cleaning to the professionals and let us make your life much easier. To find out more about what we can do for you and all the services we have to offer, read on below.

End Of Lease

If your lease is about to end, then you want to make sure that you leave behind a place that looks spotless. It could be your apartment or it could be your workplace, but wherever you are leaving, you want to leave a good impression. It is your reputation on the line, after all.

We can help you do that, by offering our professional services and providing a deep clean that will impress you and your landlord. You might feel overwhelmed by the responsibly you have to keep the building you are leasing clean, but you don’t have to go out on a low note. We are able to clean every nook and cranny and every crevice to give your place a spotless shine. Contact us today to make the end-of-lease cleaning experience a pleasant and stress free event rather than something that you dread.

House Cleaning

Most people feel they don’t have time to clean their homes the way they want them to be cleaned. They have busy schedules that include, work, family and other obligations. They want at least a little time to spend on themselves and relax. For them, cleaning usually isn’t a great way to do that. So instead of worrying about how clean your house is and how the work will never get done, allow us into your home to make a huge difference. We can make your home spotless and greatly reduce your workload, giving you more time for the essentials. Our professional cleaners will leave everything the way you want it, simply removing all dirt, grime and dust from your home and giving you a safer, more comfortable living space. Every Cairns resident should have a clean home, after all, and Cleaning Corp is the clear choice for home cleaning.

Trade Cleaning

As a tourist hotspot, Cairns sees an unusually large amount of traffic. People are always coming and going, and you want to be sure that your location is kept clean for them. Maybe you have a bus station that needs to be kept tidy and appealing to travellers. Or perhaps you want your restaurant to pass inspection and be as sanitary as possible. Or maybe you want your hotel to appear inviting. When it comes to cleaning, whatever you need, we can make it happen.

We can remove garbage from the premises, perform deep-cleaning that cleanses every groove, scrubs under every table and makes your place a natural choice for people coming through Cairns. The you can focus on your work and be more productive than ever. Let us do the cleaning for you while you conduct business. You’ll be far more productive with our team providing support.

Office Cleaning

Your employees will appreciate a clean and safe office to work in, and that’s what we can provide for them. We offer duct cleaning services, trash removal, dusting, vacuuming and spot and stain removal. Your office areas will never have looked better than after we come through and perform a thorough cleaning.

If you want to keep your offices looking spotless, then you can schedule regular cleanings with us. We will work with you to ensure that we are cleaning in your office after hours, if you wish. Our schedule is flexible so we can work in the way that is most convenient for you. We don’t have to disturb your work environment while we give your offices the cleaning they need.

We know you’ll be happy with the work we do. Our services make office areas more appealing to work in and improve employee morale.

Domestic Cleaning

Are you planning a big event in your home? Do you feel you won’t be ready to greet your guests with a tidy house? You don’t have to be ashamed of how your home looks, nor do you have to feel guilty when you spend your time doing something other than housecleaning. Allow our professionals to make your house the cleanest it has ever been with a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning that will transform the way it looks.

We can perform any cleaning service you need, including clean-up detail after parties and other events, regular trash removal, window cleaning, dusting and much more. Don’t try to do all the work yourself and overburden yourself. We’ve been cleaning houses for years, helping people just like you have some more time in their lives to do the things they want to do. We can do the same for you.

Bond Cleaning

When it is time to leave your apartment, you want to be sure you get your bond back. There’s nothing worse than working hard to clean the apartment only to find out that the landlord discovered some stain, dirt or other untidiness that you missed. Then you will end up missing out on getting your bond back.

Now we can’t guarantee that you will get your bond back. There is no predicting how tough some landlords will be when it comes to bond cleaning. We know some of them will do anything they can to avoid giving you back your money.  What we can promise is that we will perform the most comprehensive and professional cleaning service possible. Our team of professionals is your best bet for getting your bond back. When you want to improve the chances that you will be getting your money back, contact us to do the bond cleaning for you.

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