We have cleaning solutions for every commercial business.

We Offer the Best Clean for Your Business

Your customers form an impression of your business as soon as they enter your facility. Cleaning Corp ensures that impression is a favourable one.

Our commercial cleaning services are designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses and facilities. We adapt our cleaning methods to suit your needs, and we adhere to high standards of quality, reliability, safety and cleanliness.

Commercial Cleaning in Australia

Cleaning Corp operates several locations around Australia, and we are equipped to clean the following types of facilities:

  • Airports
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Financial Centres
  • Colleges
  • Real Estate
  • Business Facilities
  • Sporting Complexes
  • Country Clubs
  • Government Buildings
  • Gymnasiums and Fitness Centres
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hotels, Motels and Inns
  • Religious Institutions
  • Retail Facilities
  • Property Management
  • Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants

Cleaning Services for Multiple Locations

Your chains and franchise buildings can enjoy full cleaning services from our network of locations. We have cleaning crews operating out of a number of locations across Australia, so we can serve you wherever you are.

Small Business Cleaning

No matter how small your business is, we can help you keep it looking spotless. We offer the very best in professional cleaning services, and we can work with your budget to find cleaning solutions that fit you. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Solutions for Your Business

We do more than just offer exemplary cleaning services. Ur specialists are prepared to help your facility operate smoothly in a number of ways. These include:

  • Security
  • Removal of snow
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Painting
  • Extermination

Our services all include flexible scheduling that works with your needs. Contact us today to see how we can optimise your facility.

All of these services include flexible scheduling to support your business

Auto Dealership

At Cleaning Corp, we understand that the auto dealership and cleaning industries share a few things in common. Both industries care about creating a great first impression, as that is usually the key to attracting and keeping customers. We make sure our clients experience a great first impression by putting professionalism, respect and quality at the forefront of our business standards.


Cleaning Corp’s teams of specialists work to take care of all your cleaning needs. We use only the most efficient methods and most up-to-date procedures. We will look for anything that needs your attention and alert you to any problems we find.

Commercial Banks

In the banking industry, the competition is fierce and it can be hard to set your bank apart from your competitors. At Cleaning Corp we understand that the little details make all the difference, and we will do our best to ensure your customers remember just how pristine and spotless your financial institution was. The extra bit of professionalism we bring to your business can mean all the difference in how your clients perceive you.

Convention Centres

Our clients who operate convention centres and sports complexes have a serious commitment to upholding high standards in their facilities. We understand that commitment, as we bring that same level of dedication to our cleaning services. Keeping our clients’ facilities clean and up to our standards requires advanced planning and unwavering commitment, and that is a commitment we at Cleaning Corp would like to share

Government Building

Government faculties have to keep their standards of cleanliness high and make themselves presentable at all times. By hiring Cleaning Corp, you can ensure that your taxpayers feel they are being represented professionally. We can help you by planning a cleaning service around your needs and ensuring that all areas of your facility are spotlessly cleaned.

Hotel Cleaning

Cleaning Corp is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the very best in cleanliness their facilities. This level of dedication is what is required for businesses in the hospitality industry to perform well, as many consumers place a high value on cleanliness of these facilities.


As a business, it’s important to promote a professional appearance at all times. From staff attire through to your company letterhead, you strive to impress both clients and associates alike.The state of your office is no exception.

With staff spending hours each weekday working, it is important to ensure your workplace is in great condition – it’s only fair. Alongside keeping staff happy, it’s also important to consider the impression you leave on visiting clients and business associates. Were they exposed to overflowing bins, or toilets you’d only expect to find at a train station? With Cleaning Corp on your side, you be confident that the answer is no.

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