How to Go Green in Six Steps

There are a few ways that businesses can ensure they are going green and are protecting the environment with their operations. Here are six steps you can use to go green.


Many materials businesses use can be reused and recycled. These include bottles, paper products and plastic. Any sensitive documents that need to be shredded can be reused and recycled.

Purify Water

Bottled water can create a major impact on the environment. You can cut back on how much of this your employees are using by installing a water purifier to the drinking water supply in your building. You can also incentivise your employees to use their own cups and mugs when they get a drink.

Motion-Activated Lights

Lights that work on motion sensing technology greatly reduce energy wasting. They cut back on your carbon footprint and save you money in power costs. You could also just tell your employees to turn off lights as they go throughout the facility.


By organising car sharing programs, you can have your employees cut down on pollution in your area.

Computing the Green Way

You can set all computers in your facility to shut down after an hour of inactivity. You can also implement power strips to decrease energy drain and conserve energy throughout your facility.

Printing the Green Way

You can conserve paper by printing on both sides of the page and by printing out power point presentations with more than one slide per page.

For first drafts of documents, you can use low resolution mode in order to cut back on wasted toner.

Not all paper needs to be recycled right away. You can utilise the unused side for scrap paper.

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