Going Green with Your Business

A business that cares about the environment is one that uses products that are not harmful to the environment and that cares about its employees and customers. No matter the size of your business, you can make an impression on your clients by going green with your business. We can help you adopt the practices that will make your business an environmentally conscious one. Our green cleaning program includes the following services:

  • Recycling
  • Environmentally friendly methods
  • Pollution reduction
  • Certification in green cleaning standards
  • Use of HEPA filters
  • Cleaning of all air ducts
  • Elimination of VOCs
  • Green carpet cleaning

Taking on Green Business Practices

Cleaning Corp specialises on green cleaning, and we have the tools and training necessary to help your business become an eco-friendly one. Once you do that, employees will want to work for you and customers will want to do business with you.

Cleaning Corp is on the front lines of innovations in going green. We can make sure that your business is able to properly follow the green business standards that have already been established.

The program we use for green cleaning will help you to cut back on your environmental impact.

Your Business Can Enjoy Green Cleaning

We will find green cleaning solutions for your business. These methods of environmentally friendly cleaning include:

  • Using equipment that conserve energy
  • Working one floor at a time to cut back on electricity costs
  • Placing recycling bins throughout your facility

We have lots to offer you. Contact us at 1300 716 010 to find out more or to schedule a cleaning service.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Our worksite is always a mess and Cleaning Corp have assisted in an ongoing service that is safer for us and our customers to navigate the site. Big thanks to the team for being prompt and reliable."

− Tony - Great Terrain Services

"We have offices in each major city across Australia and use Cleaning Corp for all of them every Friday evening. Always coming back to a fresh and clean workspace for the start of the working week."

− Jane Doe

Examples Of Our Work

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