Here are some helpful hints to make sure you understand the best practises yourself for ensuring your home is maintained the way it was left. They can both help you maintain the professional service it was once given or if you would just like your house spotless from start to finish keep reading!

The Tools Are Essential

So before you go diving into your fully fledged cleaning mode think what is needed before you start so you don’t end up frustrated when you need something that isn’t at hand.

Baking Soda
Scrub Brush
Liquid Soap
Plastic Grocery Bags
Hydrogen Peroxide
Multipurpose Cleaner
Rubbing Alcohol
Removing tape, tarps, and plastic coverings
Always on time and the job done to your expectations
Paper Towels / Clean Rags
Essential oils (cinnamon/peppermint/orange)

Glass and Mirrors

First things first. Get those mirrors and windows looking, well nothing at all. Nothing worse than smudge marks on your windows. It just looks grimy and unattractive to the eye. By cleaning your windows first you’re ensuring your next steps cleaning everything isn’t compromised by the spread of window cleaner mist. A simple wipe down is required with a dry cloth once your surroundings are done on the windows will have them shining again at the conclusion of your days work.

Polish Furniture and Electrical

Next we want to use your multi-purpose cleaner or anything mentioned above to give your appliances and furniture a go over. As mentioned this may be just up keep as Cleaning Corp provides the best service Melbourne wide. If not make sure every nook and cranny is shining bright as doing it twice is a drainer and a half. If you have to use a duster to remove excess before polishing do so as this will make sure polishing doesn’t have you washing your tea towel or cleaner 10 times per wipe.

Floors and Frames

Now that all the dust and dirt has hit the deck its time to vacuum and mop. Whether you have floorboards, carpet or polished concrete your tool of choice will be easy here. Hard floors you might want to begin with a quick vacuum and then a mop. Whatever you’re comfortable with. But rest assured that all that dirt that was once airborne from your polishing and wiping efforts is now on your floor. Not only is unhygienic to be walking through it but can be harmful for children and adults alike.


Your bathroom is your last mission and most certainly the least fun for most. But once it is completed your house will be shining and glimmering in the spring sun. All the cleaners listed above will do a great job and just some elbow grease is required to beautify and put the cherry atop the fantastic job you can now stand back and admire.

These have been some helpful hints on how you can structure your clean around the house. Of Course if you need a hand please ensure you contact us and we are more than happy to assist you for whatever reason needed.

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