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Make Your Marble Tiles Shine

By August 27, 2015 blog No Comments

Cleaning is a never-ending process, and as much as we may dislike it, we all have to do it. Some people use professional cleaners to deal with the toughest cleaning tasks. Some domestic cleaning chores, like carpet cleaning, window washing and end of lease cleaning are better left to the experts. Many cleaning services also offer great deals from time to time to make their services more appealing.

There are many tasks that you can handle on your own without much trouble. Cleaning your marble tiles may seem like a tough or time-consuming one, but like many domestic chores, there are easy ways to get it done. Marble is particularly susceptible to dirt. Your tiles may be covered in sealant that keeps dirt off, but that is a layer that can be eroded with time.

To clean marble tiles, you will have to use a cleaning solution that has low acidity levels. You don’t want to damage your tiles or their protective layer as you clean them, so look for soft cleaners that have negative pH levels. Always follow the printed instructions for these cleaners to ensure you do not damage your tiles. Before you begin your cleaning, sweep up all the dirt and larger particles on your tiles. It’s a good idea to sweep your tiles regularly, as friction from dirt and particles can scratch your tiles over time.

Be sure you use specialised floor cleaners for your marble tiles. If you use regular floor clears, you could be putting something with high levels of pH that can damage your tiles’ surfaces. Also be sure not to use any rough or abrasive scrubbing tools like scrub brushes or bristle brushes.