Professional Cleaning for Medical Facilities & Hospitals in Australia

Cleaning Corp offers its professional cleaning services for hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, clinics, research labs and outpatient centres.

Our cleaning services are designed to provide a perfect fit for the cleaning needs of healthcare facilities. All Cleaning Corp crew members who are assigned to clean medical facilities are trained to handle blood borne pathogens and other dangerous substances. We always ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations, and we are determined to help you achieve your healthcare objectives.

We know that your patients will take comfort in seeing a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment. A spotless facility allows them to feel at ease and to feel safe from any number of hazards. We can help you present this image to them through our professional cleaning services.

Professional Healthcare Institutions Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of janitorial services. Some of the specific services include:

  • General cleaning of all kitchens, lobbies, waiting areas, examination rooms, labs, bathrooms and patient rooms
  • Maintenance and cleaning for all types of flooring, including hardwood, granite, tile, concrete, marble and terrazzo
  • Full elevator and escalator cleaning
  • Specialised shampooing for carpets
  • Disinfecting, restocking and cleaning of all lavatories
  • Cleaning and sanitising of all shower areas
  • Full laundry services
  • Full recycling services
  • Detailed upholstery cleaning
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning practices
  • Cleaning and sweeping of parking lot areas, including powerwashing
  • Clean up after special events

We used specialised cleaning process to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of infection. Our cleaning crews pay special attention to areas that are frequently touched and likely to pass on germs. These include faucets, switches, phones and door handles. We also use micro cloths that are colour coded to prevent cross contamination.

Our medical care facility cleaning services extend to all hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, laboratories, examination rooms, nursing homes and outpatient care centres.

Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning Corp understands how important clean floors are to any medical facility. That’s why we offer the following promises in regards to our floor care services:

  • All floor care processes will be specific to floor type
  • All high traffic areas will receive extra attention
  • All crew members will have training relevant to the specific floor types they are cleaning
  • All tools used will be modern and in excellent working order
  • Al chemicals used will be specific to floor type
  • Enough time will be granted for proper cleaning of floors

We put all these elements together to ensure that you have spotless floors that provide the very best in patient safety and pleasing appearance. Our floor maintenance routine gives you longer-lasting floors.

Trained to Clean Health Care Facilities

We also provide waste management and hazardous materials removal services. We are experienced in cleaning emergency rooms, x-ray rooms, operating rooms and more.

Each Cleaning Corp crew member has to undergo extensive training for cleaning medical facilities and dealing with blood borne pathogens. They are also trained in hazardous communications and exposure control plans. Our cleaning plans incorporate allowances for site specific training when necessary.

In a healthcare setting, extreme cleanliness is required. We work with professionals in the medical industry to ensure we are using the best products with the most effective results. Our goal is complete infection control as we work.

We also offer emergency cleaning services when required. We operate our hotlines 24/7, so you can always reach us, no matter the time or the situation. We will respond immediately, and you can expect an emergency cleaning team to be at your facility very soon. Our crew members are trained and equipped to handle any emergency situation.

We Care about the Details

Our cleaning crews have a focus on details when we clean. We make sure that every part of your facility is clean, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem. These detailed cleaning services include:

  • Removing all cobwebs
  • Dusting all flat surfaces, including kickboards and windowsills
  • Sanitising all frequently touched surfaces
  • Wiping down all counters and appliances

Our several locations across Australia are all staffed with knowledgeable and committed personnel. They are trained to provide the very best in cleaning services to your medical facility, which includes adherence to strict standards to health and safety. They are prepared to help you carry out your facility’s business mission.

If you would like to request our cleaning services or just find out some more information about what we can do, then please contact us.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Our worksite is always a mess and Cleaning Corp have assisted in an ongoing service that is safer for us and our customers to navigate the site. Big thanks to the team for being prompt and reliable."

− Tony - Great Terrain Services

"We have offices in each major city across Australia and use Cleaning Corp for all of them every Friday evening. Always coming back to a fresh and clean workspace for the start of the working week."

− Jane Doe

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