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RSLs offer families and people of all ages a chance to relax and enjoy great food and entertainment. By providing a wide range of activities for guests, these businesses have become staples of Australian leisure time. But that extensive range of entertainment and dining options means that there is often a lot of cleaning to do once these businesses close down for the night.

RSLs need to present the best face they can to their guests, giving them a clean and welcoming environment. Any RSL thrives on its reputation, as word can spread quickly about places where the floors are spotless, the food is served from clean kitchens and the environment is beyond reproach.

That’s the kind of reputation that helps propel your business from one that is just getting by to the must-visit spot in the area. You want people talking about the great experience they had when they came to your location. That’s how you’re going to enjoy a steady increase in visitors and ensure that your customers become regulars for a long time to come.

A bad reputation can spread just as quickly, especially in this social media-minded age. Any customer can post a bad review and start spreading the word that your business isn’t very appealing.

That’s why you don’t want to entrust the cleanliness and the reputation of your business to anyone but the professionals. At Cleaning Corp, we take cleanliness seriously. We know that it’s your livelihood on the line every time we perform an RSL cleaning service.

All Areas Covered

We know that your reputation and your business counts on us doing a good job. We have a reputation of our own to uphold, and we make sure it is an impeccable one by giving our clients the best cleaning service possible every time.

When it comes to your business, you need a cleaning company that cares about the details. Our cleaning experts are meticulous, providing an extensive range of services that cover every aspect of commercial cleaning. We have experience in cleaning every part of an RSL business, from the gaming areas to the kitchen to everything else in between.

Our cleaning crews can disinfect the slot machines, clean the carpets, getting rid of any spots and stains, sanitize the food preparation areas, remove spots from all upholstery and much more. There is no area of your RSL that our cleaning crew is not experienced and skilled at cleaning. We have the tools and the training to make sure that your entire business looks spotless.

Attention to Detail is Key

We pride ourselves on paying close attention to the details when we are cleaning. When you hire us to clean your facility, we will ensure the following cleaning measures have been taken:

  • All flat surfaces- windowsills, kickboards and baseboards- have been dusted
  • All cobwebs are removed
  • All frequently touched areas are sanitised, including light switches, door handles and telephones
  • All counters, cabinets and appliances are wiped down

We know that each RSL is different, offering a variety of entertainment options to suit customers of all ages and tastes. You need versatile cleaning measures to make everything look its best. If you want to maintain a reputation for excellence and cleanliness, then you need to hire a cleaning service with that same reputation. We welcome you to ask about our customer satisfaction record. We can show you testimonials from past customers or help you get in touch with them to find out how they felt about their cleaning experience with us.

You may not be sure what to expect if this is your first time hiring a professional cleaning service or dealing with us. We’ll walk you through the entire cleaning process and work out a time that is convenient for you. We can clean during hours when your business is closed so that we don’t interfere with your business. We can even schedule regular cleanings so that your RSL always looks great. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and the many professional cleaning services that we have to offer.

If you would like to find out how we can help you achieve a better standard of clean at your RSL, then contact us today by calling 1300 716 010.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Our worksite is always a mess and Cleaning Corp have assisted in an ongoing service that is safer for us and our customers to navigate the site. Big thanks to the team for being prompt and reliable."

− Tony - Great Terrain Services

"We have offices in each major city across Australia and use Cleaning Corp for all of them every Friday evening. Always coming back to a fresh and clean workspace for the start of the working week."

− Jane Doe

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