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The Best Cleaning Method for a Stainless Steel Sink

By August 27, 2015 blog No Comments

Home cleaning takes up more time than pretty much any other domestic chore. There are times when your home is so dirty that you may need to take the entire day to clean it properly. Everyone has their domestic cleaning chores that they despise the most, but these are all tasks that need to get done.

Some parts of your house require extra special care and attention. The kitchen is one of those, as it needs to be kept incredibly sanitary to prevent cross contamination and the spreading of germs. It’s not just your counters or floors that need to be cleaned either. Your appliances and your sink tall require regular cleaning to ensure a sanitary kitchen.

The kitchen sink is a part of your kitchen that you use constantly, even when you may not realise it. You can easily wipe the sink down to make it shine, but that won’t do much to deter the germs that live there. You need to disinfect the sink to make certain you are not housing germs there. Below are some of the best cleaning tips for stainless steel sinks. With these, you will be able to ensure your sink not only looks good but is sanitary as well.

Don’t Do This

It is important to know what NOT to do when it comes to cleaning, and particularly when it comes to the cleaning of your sink. You should not use any abrasive cleaners on it. These would include bleach, steel wool and ammonia. You also don’t want to leave any food or food particles in the sink, especially salt for very long. The food you leave can have a harmful reaction with your sink, causing damage.

Do This Instead

Regular wiping of the sink prevents staining. You should wipe it down after every use, as doing so will prolong its life and require less maintenance work. You can use some liquid dishwashing soap or detergent to clean with. Couple this with a nylon sponge for the gentlest, most sanitary cleaning for your stainless steel sink. You can also use a glass cleaner or any all-purpose cleaner for the job. Be sure to wash off all remnants of the cleaning product once you have finished cleaning.

When you hire our professional cleaners, you might notice that we always dry each surface after we clean. This is part of our regular cleaning procedures, and it ensures that the cleaning products we use do not cause damage to what we are cleaning. This is a practice you should incorporate into your cleaning as well to prevent damage to your home. If you use a different cleaning service from ours, make certain that every surface they clean is properly dried right after the cleaning is completed.

More Cleaning Tips for You

Sometimes your sink needs more than just regular cleaning to keep it looking great. Your sink may spot from time to time or it may have some oil stains that are nearly impossible to get out. If these are problems you run into, just use a non-abrasive cloth with some white vinegar to wipe down the sink. You may not want to use vinegar, as some people hate the smell. If that is the case, you can use baking soda instead. Just cover your sink with the baking soda and rub it off using the non-abrasive cloth. This powerful cleaner is great for killing bacteria before it can spread.